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Fall and Winter Skincare


Fall & Winter Skincare

The weather is colder and drier and it’s the time of year to adjust your skincare products and routine, so that they meet the needs of these colder, drier months. Cool air and wind can be extremely drying to skin, and if it hasn’t had enough time renewal and recovery time from summer’s toll, you’ll miss out on that luminous glow for the holidays. You may need more moisture, hydration to your skin during this time, or a good exfoliant to slough off summer damage.

It is also time to consider a much needed facial, and even a series of facials to really create that flawless look. Facials that are designed to meet the particular needs of your skin, using products at Spa Villa that are designed for the modern woman. Spa Villa looks forward to creating the best and most effective plan for your skin.

Fall & Winter Skincare Tips:

Stay Hydrated

Increased water consumption not only keeps the body hydrated but also decreases the amount of toxins eliminated through the pores helping to maintain a radiant, clear complexion. Opening up the pores by using saunas and exfoliating products in addition to drinking water can also go a long way in improving skin health.

Switch your lotion to a cream

Switch your daily moisturizer to a cream, which will help your skin moisture more effectively than a lotion. Regular use of hydrating creams will not only help to prevent water loss, they will also aid in restoring moisture balance and elasticity to the outer layer of the skin.

Continue Sun Protection

UV rays still penetrate clouds and overcast skies, and reflect off water, cement, sand, and snow. Try to find moisturizers and mineral make-up that have SPF and use them daily all over the face, body and hands to protect them from these harmful rays.


Oil, chemicals and dead skin cells can build-up on skin over time, especially after the summer season so it’s important to slough off this layer regularly to reveal fresh, glowing skin underneath. Exfoliating with a scrub that contains natural ingredients used once a week is just enough to keep skin healthy and new and to help rid dry skin of flakes. See the exfoliating treatments that Spa Villa offers on our Body Treatments and Facials pages.


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