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The Skin Benefits of Mint


The Skin Benefits of Mint

In skin care products, mint can have benefits that go beyond just its aroma. It actually can help improve your skin’s condition.

If you look at the beauty products in your bathroom cabinet, you may be surprised to find that some of them contain mint. Chances are it’s labeled as “menthe.” What makes mint a beneficial ingredient for skin care, is that its juice can soothe and calm skin that’s itchy or infected. You can even use it to help heal bites from mosquitoes, wasps and bees. Because mint contains vitamin A, it may strengthen skin tissue and help reduce oily skin.

Mint is helpful in treating inflammations such as acne because it has high amounts of salicylic acid. Mint oil is a natural astringent – rub mint oil on your face to prevent pimples from popping up. The salicylic acid in mint loosens up dead skin cells, allowing them to shed easier. That has the potential to prevent your pores from clogging up, resulting in fewer pimples and clearer skin.


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